Level 16
Version 3.74

Released on 25 August 2012.

These are the changes to Sandboxie since version 3.72.

- New Getting Started short tutorial appears on first use. Can be invoked manually from the Help menu.
- Sandboxie Control application now natively supports high DPI display modes.
- Fixed a couple of usability issues with the Sandboxie Start Menu when the interface language is not English.
- Fixed an issue where SBIE2218 could appear in some "Run as administrator" elevation scenarios.
- Enabled Address Space Layout Randomization in all Sandboxie components.
- Fixed an issue with opening web links or multimedia files using a forced program, when the DefaultBox sandbox has been removed.
- Fixed a problem where Sandboxie would not work correctly if Windows compatibility setting are selected for Sandboxie program shortcuts.
- The Lingering Programs mechanism will not stop programs set as a linger program, if the program in question is showing a window.
- Fixed an issue with accessing network
- Support for Windows 8 final RTM build (number 9200). Sandboxie is not compatible with earlier builds of Windows 8.
- Improved compatibility with avast! Antivirus, BitVise SSH Client, CafeAgent, EMET v3, Logitech G15 keyboard, UltraMon.

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Deleted member 178

just installed the free version on Windows 8 x64. experimental protection not available on it.

Deleted member 178

yes Sandboxie is one of the few softs you can trust blindly