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Sandboxie - Lifetime Licenses are back! :D
Dear Sandboxie Fans,

We thank you for your continued loyalty to Sandboxie and feedback.

As you start out 2015, we are excited to announce exciting new changes at Sandboxie.

1. First, we updated and simplified our home page.

See for the new look. We retained the forums untouched as we know how valuable they are to everyone.

2. Lifetime Licenses are Back!

We heard you loud and clear that many of you want lifetime licenses. We brought them back, so you can pay once and forever have a Sandboxie license.

3. We now have new bundled pricing!

The bundled pricing provides substantial discounts on purchasing multiple copies of Sandboxie for home, including bundles of 3 or 5 lifetime license packs. This is a good option for protecting all the machines in your home.

Visit for more information and to buy.

As always, we welcome your feedback.

Happy New Year,

The Sandboxie Team
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Thanks for sharing this information. I moved and stickied this thread for 2015! :D

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