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Level 16
Version 3.66

Released on 21 March 2012.

These are the changes to Sandboxie since version 3.64.

This version is primarily a compatibility release which resolves a few recent issues:
- Improved compatibility with Google Chrome and Firefox plugin for Firefox version 11.
- Improved compatibility with Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer.
- Improved compatibility with SpyShelter, Kaspersky PURE
- Improved compatibility ASUS CapsHooks, UltraRecall, Wacom Tablet devices.

New write-only feature:
- Files and registry keys outside the sandbox can be hidden, similar to the closed paths feature.
- Programs in the sandbox can create new files or registry keys within the write-only locations.
- For more information, please see Resource Access Settings.

Improved compatibility with Windows 7 taskbar:
- Programs in sandbox will display the sandbox name when right-clicking the task bar button.
- Windows which belong to programs in different sandboxes will not be combined into the same task bar button.
- A middle-click on the task bar button will start a copy of the program in the same sandbox.

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