Level 1
Operating System: Windows 7 SP1
OS Edition:: Professional (Windows 7 or 10)
OS Architecture: 64-bit
User Access Control: enable
OS Firewall: Windows and Kapersky
OS Update: Manual
Real-time Malware Protection: Kaspersky Total Security 2017
Browsers and Extensions: chorme 64 bit (Default Config)
Adblock Plus
Magic Actions for YouTube
viewport Resizer
Violent monkey​
Uninstaller - Revo Uninstaller Pro
System Image Backup: Manual
Smartphone and Tablet OS: Android
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Level 37
saxx, as I write my thanks to you for sharing your configuration, I am also installing (4) important updates for our own Windows 7 SP 1. (It's asking me to <restart> but that can wait).;) I hope you will follow both of fedora's important tips too!
  1. UAC (User Activated Control) protects your system at the kernal level. Although it's often felt by some to be an annoyance, particularly those of us whom protect our systems from unwanted changes by utilizing SD's Shadow Mode, but in order for me to install the important updates I'd mentioned above, I had to exit Shadow Defender. So, if it helps, think of UAC as a kind of Shadow Defender for when you are outside of Shadow mode.;)
  2. RegCleanPro is not needed as from all I've learned about registry cleaning here on this great site you are now a member of, CCleaner which you already have:rolleyes: is the much safer alternative. Using it you will already be covered!:)
If keeping your system light is one of your goals, you might consider extracting portable versions of programs (apps) onto one or more external USB flash drives. I use a portable version of CCleaner for all three of our systems.

If you are comfortable with the virtualization Shadow Defender provides, consider Sandboxie. It's a free program you'll open Chrome within (a sandbox) which provides a similar protection to your browser thus keeping your system free from unwanted changes. All changes you wish to keep like updates must be performed outside Sandboxie's sandbox.
PS First, activate UAC. I have set it to "always notify" but default will work just fine because you are the "U" in UAC.:cool:
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Level 40
For Chrome you can use HTTPS Everywhere add-on to secure your connections.
Another suggestion is to add a second browser ( besides IE )Mozzila based just to be sure in case you have a problem with Chrome.
You can also add another on demand scanner like Hitman Pro or Emsisoft Emergency Kit.
Nice config and thanks for sharing.