Scammer encrypted my server

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Dec 1, 2019
My company's server was encrypted with ransomware [].

I wrote to him in the mail []. He demanded $ 7,000 from me. This is a very large amount but I paid it. But after receiving the money he stopped responding to me. There are a lot of important files of my company on the server.

Please help me. What needs to be done to return my files? He does not answer me.
Is there any way to return files?


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ForgottenSeer 823865

Unless there is a published decryptor for this ransomware, you are done.
Your last chance is there : The No More Ransom Project

You shouldn't have paid unless he showed you a proof he could decrypt your files.

Now it is time for you to invest into a backup software and get the habit to do daily backups of your files.


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Nov 5, 2019
Hello, Welcome to MalwareTips.
I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.

If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps in the order listed.

Navigate to this topic.

Submit a sample of the compromised files for their review.
They will reply and let you know what you are dealing with.

From what we know now, your files are not recoverable.
Your only solution would be to restore the files from a good backup if you have one.

The compromised files can be transferred to a CD or Flash drive.
Should a solution be found in the future you may be able to restore them.

Good luck.
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