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So i found this awesome video that Carey Holzman put out today, It has to be one of my favorite "tech support" calls I've seen. Really long video, but very worth watching all the way through.
(Sorry if this should have wen't to a different section in the forums, had to use my best guess)
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Well this is nice, truth to be said i have been called 4 times so far, and 2 times the scammer was a dutch guy which surprised me.
Needless to say i kept the dutch guys long enough on the phone to hear the police literally breaking their door.
Because what i did was calling the local police who can tap into the Internet connection (Yes they got NSA options to lol) and just fetch the subscription details of the connection made to my computer and they can trace the phone number to a house address and here in the Netherlands they really are fast..
So i said to one of the guys ..: Why do i get the feeling your day will not be as happy as you think it would be? He replies: Sir don't worry my day is always little silence and soft voices on the background and suddenly BAM BREAK BAM Glass Break Police ....Show yourself with your hands up in the air... BIG silence and a few dutch curse words.

Then i did hang up the phone..

I wish i did have recorded that... saidly i did not.


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That's crazy, I'm waiting for one of these calls just to see what would happen and then report to the FTC sometime afterwords. Sad that this happens though