Troubleshoot hijacker returned to Mac after removal

Operating System
Current issues and symptoms
Search hijacked again.
Affected Browser
  1. Safari
Browser Settings: Homepage and Default Search Engine

hijacked from google
Browser Extensions


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Dec 1, 2019
Used steps from MalwareTips 3 weeks ago. Cleared up. Haven't used MacAir due to travel. Today hijack is back. It's in homepage. the preference windows were gray so couldn't change. Restarted. Removed profile per Step One. Could not find in FinderApplications, but files are there from adobe install (the day the malware appeared). One folder in trash could not be emptied: storeaccountd mod on same date as last scan/repair. Today my OS does not allow running Malwarebytes (previous removal apparently not complete), but in my Library Launch Agents there is a file with code containing "Searchmine" (see image).


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