SECURE: Complete SecurityNightmares's Mobile Config 2021

Last updated
Jun 11, 2021
Pixel 3a
Mobile OS
Custom Android-based (see below for details)
Mobile OS version
GrapheneOS 11 - June 2021 patch level
Mobile system updates
Automatic - allow the operating system to manage system updates
Mobile app updates
Automatically allow app updates over any network connection
App privacy permissions
  1. Android - Block unknown apps
Explicitly allowed
Foxy Droid & AuroraStore
Play Protect settings
Automatic - allow periodic scans to protect against potentially harmful apps
Real-time security apps
Device integrity monitoring + Android internal Sandbox
Authenticator apps
Autofill & Password apps
Only non-important logins in Browser, nothing more
Find my phone
Managed by a trusted third-party app or service to find and locate my device
SIM card security
SIM card is passcode protected
Screen lock settings
Biometric lock settings
  1. Fingerprint or TouchID
Sharing visibility
Off or Hidden - block all incoming files
Browser apps
Content filtering apps
Android internal "private DNS"
Phone & Caller ID apps
Messaging & Social apps
Stock SMS/ MMS + Telegram
Music & Podcasts apps
Vanilla Music
Video & Livestream apps
YouTube website with Vanadium + Telegram
Games & Optimisation apps
Quad9 in OS settings
NextDNS in Vanadium
PC maintenance
Phone reboot if needed or wanted
Personal Files & Photos backup
Seedvault + Syncthing + DAVx⁵
Personal backup routine
Automatic (scheduled)
Personal changelog
30th December 2020: First "2021" post
6th January: full January security update
4th February: full February security update
3rd March: full March security update
5th April: full April security update
5th May: full May security update
1st June: change OS DNS to Quad9 and moved from Telegram F-Droid to PlayStore version
11th June: full June security update
Feedback Response

Most critical feedback


Level 37
Jan 9, 2020
Phone runs since beginning of this month with full April security patch (y)

Also, i replaced Nextcloud ("files") app with "Syncthing" for better backup and because of broken "SeedVault" support on Nextcloud side.
AuroraDroid app was replaced with Foxy Droid and never look back. No problems, easier and a lot faster.
ReplacePlastic app was replaced with shortcut to their website which provide same functionality. Same for QR Scanner app.