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Im new to Windows 10. Im using Enterprise LTSC, so whatever default anti virus stuff it has.

For the firewall I always liked the peace of mind Tinywall gives me, knowing everything is blocked by default unless manually allowed.

For Firefox I use HTTPS Everywhere and uBlock. I know I should noScript but im too lazy and eventually disable it since everything is crippled.

Is there a way to improve this? im worried some site finds a exploit and install some malware via js or something.

I've read about Vodooshield but i've read free version does not allow to tweak anything. Well, I use atsiv.exe method for overclocking my mouse to play games, so im worried this fille will get deleted the moment I install it. Specifically this is what I do for my mouse:

I tried installing Comodo but it was a mess, it froze, it was laggy, and I eventually got tired and uninstalled it, and I wasn't even able to fully uninstall it for some reason, so I had to go back with a previous backup image thing.

MBAM has realtime protection, but you have to subscribe... I would pay if it was a one time thing.

Anyway, let me know. Thanks.


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I think you wouldn't need any of those 3.
To get better advice, please post your Computer Security Configuration here:
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