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That's about it but i like to experiment with different software to know what makes them so "Special" . But using a special word does not cut it so i am still in search of something that would change the rules of the playing field


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I would like to suggest some backup software such as Macrium Reflect or Aomei Backupper both havve a very good free version. ;)

And maybe another on demand scanner such as EEK or Hitman Pro.
thanks for the info , going to try out the new software's

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It looks good! As long as you know what you're doing, Windows Defender should hold up fine. I wouldn't depend on it. I would look for something with a better detection rate. Then again, I don't use a AV. :rolleyes:


Good setup.
Windows Defender is enhanced in Windows 10 and guarantees a good level of protection in a normal use of your computer without installing any third party antivirus.
As @frogboy says it is important a backup and recovery plan to ensure data and OS security.


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Good config! Thanks for sharing it :)
You might consider adding one or two more on demand scanners and a second browser


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Very fine configuration, a simplified setup which Windows Defender is pretty enough for low risk activity.

You may use Sandboxie as a part of virtualization and upon testing. Consider a backup program in case of emergency occurs where System Restore might fail to revert.