Should I switch to Qihu 360 TS beta from Qihu 360 IS??

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Should I switch to Qihu 360 TS beta from Qihu 360 IS??
Your valued opinions are welcome :):):)


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I switched to TS today and I like it. Still playing throwing worms here and there.

About switching is another story, unless you play with malware on a daily basis YES, but for basic usage NO, Proactive Defense will suit you just fine


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Remember that if you want to try/use Qihoo Total Security DO NOT USE the officially released version 4. The Proactive Module in version 4 is incapable of detecting auto-start routines, so things like Winlocks will be an issue instead of being orphaned on reboot, and things like RATs (which depend on staying resident so as to connect to C&C) would also present problems.

This failing is rectified in the 5 beta of TS (all versions of Internet Security are fine).


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I would stay with 360 IS for now. I already downloaded 360 TS & I am having no problems with it. I did get a reply from 360 China That said they are moving to 360 TS. They didn't go as far to say that 360 IS will be discontinued but, alluded to that fact.


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im using the version 5 beta its working good did used the 3 and 4 version didn't have any issue but i can say its getting better just wish they don't add bloatware to it!


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Internet Security ,all the way....
  1. More effective detection than Total Security
  2. Less ram usage
  3. NO bugs
  4. Very stable.
  5. The fact that ''they will leave internet security for Total Security'' means absolutely NOTHING, as long as Internet security works and update with no problems.
  6. Internet security is an already finalized program, instead of Total Security that is still under development
The choice is yours......
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