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I want it for the router not for 1 device.

yes, but we recommend to test on one device before.
- NameBench for doing a bench (you can change the list to keep only the dns you want to compare, the default bench is long...)
- DNS jumper to change the dns of your desktop, and check how it runs

You can also make a few tests on command line without changing the dns:

-> a baseline

nslookup <ip_of_the_dns_you_choose>
-> note the ip of youtube
-> ping the ip
-> try another dns...
-> try with other websites you like...

it's far from a full professional test, but I like to try things by myself !

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You can use Norton DNS at router level, so that your whole network is well protected. If, vice versa, you have one or more devices (for example your personal computer) on which you do not want this level of protection, you can manually configure the network adapter settings, by setting the DNS you prefer: the DNS settings on the operating system have priority over those of the modem router. This means that if you want, you can use your computer with other DNS to access the Web, while the rest of your network will continue to be protected from DNS at router level.


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Then why you asking us for help?

You know how to Configure DNS settings on the router.. But if something doesn't work for any of devices (apps or sites not loading), you're smart enough to figure it out..

If you bored to reply just dont do it.
Between nice little programme the DNS jumper ;)
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