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Assuming that computer is not shared/only shared with trustworthy people.
Good question.

I don't see why.

With the laptop I use that employs Bitlocker, one has to enter the Bitlocker password initially and then.... the Windows system password.

Unless one is concerned that Bitlocker will be bypassed in one way or another which is unlikely in the current version of Bitlocker, the 2nd password becomes redundant.

And if somebody had the skill to get through Bitlocker somehow, the bypass for the Windows password is relatively easy.

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You shouldn't bother with Bitlocker for personal/home usage, there's a reason Microsoft doesn't include it in the Home Edition.

Unless you talking of a laptop, and as Burrito said, the Windows Account Password itself is pretty much useless and easy to remove/change.


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What happens when you "lock" your PC to step away for a bit? Without a PWD, you cannot "lock" ... correct? Or maybe you leave the house while a major cloud sync is happening... do you leave the PC accessible? And who is "trustworthy"?

Yes, you can use autologin, but you must have a password to lock the account manually.


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I don't have a password on my standard user account, but I do on my admin account which are separate. Just to prevent any unwanted/unintended elevation of privileges. If your device stays at home all the time then your door lock is your hardware-backed password. :D :emoji_v: