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Hi everyone. I need a little help with the evaluation of SHP. I've been around here for awhile but haven't dug as deep as some of you have. My license of emsisoft antimalware is about to expire. Its my favorite AV by far but unfortunately for how many licenses i need its cost prohibitive. I run LOTS of production/semi-production vms. Honestly I don't run windows on my main workstation (i'm an arch user) but for a variety of reasons i need windows vms. I still have a license for bitdefender that has not expired but absolutely hate bitdefender for its resource utilization. It might not be that big of a deal but when your cramming a lot of vms on one machine (utilizing dynamic memory for the vms) it can make a huge difference. Bitdefender when its doing nothing will consume ~200-300MB of memory and when it starts scanning a lot for whatever reason can use anywhere from 400-600MB of memory which is absolutely crazy. Hell i can i can run a linux & use less memory than that.

Anyways sophos giving 10 licenses for the price they are selling it for is a steal. I've read the following thread:

I don't know how many AVs are left standing after the extensive 0day testing some of you do. I guess i'm not a pro at interpreting these results but SHP 0day protect is still considered to be up there/excellent right? Granted i think some of the top tier AVs (like kaspersky) are slightly better.

I think their definitions are also very good? Correct me if i'm wrong.

How about PUP protection? How does SHP do?

I know a lot of you don't like only being about control everything from the web dashboard but i'm fine with that. The only thing i don't like is being able to add the mobile clients (android) to the dashboard though since they give their mobile client away completely free i cant complain to much.



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Everything you ask is already answered under the Sophos subforum and as well as any new Sophos Home user should read their FAQ/Help. It's worth before installing.

Been beta testing it since v1, and it's a second year since ever Sophos Home came out, so its a relatively new, but with v2 devs listened to users feedback and introduced needed features + ML found in the advanced IntercepX products. Around Jan/Feb 2020 we can expect v3. My take is that it's worth the money they sell it for imo, considering the alternatives around. It's not comparable to Kaspersky because K offers more granual control and configurability. You can snag a SHP 1y/10devices for 30€ instead of the regular 50€. Sophos Home Shop