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Microsoft will keep the Skype app around even as Microsoft Teams grows in popularity for consumers.

Microsoft's announcement of Teams for consumers due later this year has some people wondering about the future of Skype as a standalone app. As it is, the calling and video feature for Microsoft Teams is effectively Skype, making the two apps and services perhaps slightly redundant.

The good news is Microsoft has told us that the standalone apps for Skype will continue. The report makes sense, as those that do use Skype (including the recently announced 40 million daily active users) may not need all that Microsoft Teams functionality.

Microsoft Teams for consumers is the same Teams app those in enterprise and schools use today. The difference will be the ability to switch to a more consumer-friendly set of features within the app. Those who use Teams professionally can switch to a "family" version with a click. Those who never use Teams for business can use Teams for consumers through Microsoft 365 with all the new features.

Microsoft Teams, however, is a superset of features compared to Skype. Group chats, calendar, direct tie-ins to OneDrive, SharePoint, Office, and third-party services make Microsoft Teams ideal for companies or families who want an all-in-one communication repository.

For more information about the consumer Microsoft 365 program you can read our coverage here:


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Now available in Preview - Microsoft Teams now available for personal use as Microsoft targets friends and families

The mobile versions of Microsoft Teams for iOS and Android will be updated to allow anyone to log into the apps with a personal Microsoft Account.
Microsoft is also building a Safe feature into Teams for personal use, which will allow groups to store and share information like a home Wi-Fi password or Netflix account information directly within the Teams app using two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption. It’s similar to the OneDrive Personal Vault feature.


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My other half started (trying) using Teams with Co Workers, unfortunately she installed & set it up while I was out so at some point today find out how the laptop got messed up in the process & Teams don't work either - Grrrr :mad::mad::mad: