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Smart File Finder is a free Windows OS utility useful for any kind of user, including security researchers and forensic analysts, that allows to find a file via different search criteria. You can search a file by specifying the filename, the MD5 hash, the MD4 hash, the SHA1 hash, the SHA256 hash, the SHA512 hash, the Tiger 192 hash, the DC++ TTH hash, the file publisher name or the file description, and best of all is that you can use also wildcard characters to match these search fields.

We've reased a new version of Smart File Finder:
Advanced File Search Functionality with Smart File Finder | NoVirusThanks

Here is the changelog:

v1.4.0.0 - 30-04-2018

+ Search a file by Signer
+ Added new columns on main ListView: File Size, Created On, Last Modified On, Matched Data
+ Main window is resizeable and maximizeable
+ The program remembers the size of the main window
+ The program remembers the width of the ListView's columns
+ It is possible to exclude files (supports wildcards)
+ You can enable/disable each exclusion rule (via a checkbox)
+ Added Pause/Resume button
+ Added new popup menu "Locate File on Explorer"
+ When exporting results include File Size, Created On, Last Modified On, Matched Data
+ Added 250ms delay on press of Search/Pause/Resume/Stop buttons
+ Minor fixes and optimizations