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One out of every 120 smartphones had a malware infection during an April test period, a lab reveals. Android devices were hit the hardest.

Malware infection rates on smartphones have been rapidly escalating, says an endpoint security solutions provider.

Over 1.06 percent of devices in April, were infected by some variant of malware. That’s an all-time high. Nokia’s twice-a-year report, released last week says it’s found that infections doubled in the first half of 2016, compared with the second half of 2015.

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The Nokia Threat Intelligence lab includes “ransomware, spy-phone applications, SMS Trojans, personal information theft and aggressive adware” in its malware definition.

Android got pummeled. Three-fourths of all infections were discovered on the Android mobile OS. For comparison “Windows/PC Systems” attracted 22 percent and Apple’s iOS only 4 percent.

the security experts say in their press release.

Nokia’s data is obtained from networks where its Nokia NetGuard Endpoint Security solution is deployed. That’s a network-based solution that doesn’t just cover mobile (as one might imagine based on the name); it also covers fixed setups and looks at Nokia customers’ subscribers’ endpoint devices. That includes laptops, phones and Internet of Things (IoT), Nokia explains in its report.

Its “solution is deployed in major fixed and mobile networks around the world, monitoring network traffic from more than 100 million devices,” it claims.

So, it also sees DDoS attacks, which it believes are hitting mobile Wi-Fi hotspots hard now.

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