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Design goes head to head with Intel's Y and U series Core-branded processors.

"Details of the SDM1000, tentatively named Snapdragon 1000, a new Qualcomm chip built for Windows 10 laptops, have started to trickle out.​
Microsoft's development of Windows 10 for ARM has seen the company partner with chip company Qualcomm. […] Snapdragon 1000 will be the follow-up to the 850.​
The Snapdragon 1000 is believed to be an even more powerful laptop chip intended to go head to head with Intel's Y- and U-series Core processors. These have a 4.5W and 15W power envelope, respectively, and are used in a wide range of tablets and Ultrabook-type laptops. The Snapdragon 1000 is reported to have a 6.5W power draw for the CPU itself, with a total power draw of 12W for the entire SoC. The Snapdragon 1000 test platform has 16GB of LPDDR4X RAM and two 128GB UFS flash drives. It also has 802.11ad gigabit Wi-Fi, gigabit LTE, and a new power management controller."​

Untranslated Source: Qualcomm SDM1000: Großer ARM-Chip für Windows 10-PCs? (Update)