Snapdragon 775 leak suggests Upper mid-range SoC


Staff member
Jan 8, 2011
According to images from an internal Qualcomm document obtained leaked by Telegram channel XiaomiUI (which is not affiliated with Xiaomi or MIUI), Qualcomm is working on the SM7350 Platform, which could be marketed as the Snapdragon 775.

The leaked images appear to be part of internal documents that offer a high-level overview of the new SM7350 (Snapdragon 775) SoC platform. The documents also show a high-level feature comparison with its predecessor, the SM7250 (Snapdragon 765), a platform application map, and more.

Our own sources verified the content of this document but said that the images come from an earlier revision that is out of date, so take some of these details with a small grain of salt.