I've never heard of this "Antivirus" product before, however you can often get a good guess based on the GUI; the GUI reminds me of a fake AV/rogue product, especially how they set-up the support section - it does not look very reliable at the least, even if it is genuine and not fake. Although my opinions based on the GUI does not determine whether it really is genuine/clean (and works well) or not.

The best way to know if it is fake or not is to shove it on a Virtual Machine (or even better, a spare system dedicated to analysis/testing), and reverse engineer it while dynamically testing it - this way you can check if it really has any AV capabilities or if they are just lying while trying to dip their hands into peoples pockets.

Maybe @roger_m has tested this before, he often tests new/unknown AV products on his host system, so he may have heard of this one before. (good chances he has, *fingers crossed*).

VT reports that the download link is clean. So at least it won't hurt you.
That doesn't mean it's automatically clean/safe, it could just be unknown to AV vendors out there and be packed to avoid static detection methods.


Considering a large number of fake tech-support scammers, Ransomware etc coming from that region, I would take their product with a pinch of salt. Or alot of salt.
It probably has very basic AV capabilities and they probably just over-charge people for what it's really worth, or it's fake. Only testing/analysis can identify which category. I doubt it's a rogue though, they aren't as common these days as they used to be and if it was a rogue I think an AV vendor would know about it by now, they are quick to pick-up on these new threats.


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Maybe @roger_m has tested this before, he often tests new/unknown AV products on his host system, so he may have heard of this one before. (good chances he has, *fingers crossed*).
I tested it very briefly some months ago. From memory it was a very basic antivirus and I was unimpressed with it. However, since it's been a while and I couldn't remember any specific details about it I just tried it again.

It's got a very basic interface, and appears to be using its own signatures. In its Program Files folder there is a single definition file named signature.dl which is only 38MB in size. I tried to update the signatures a few times, but every time I tried I got a message saying that an internet connection was required to download the updates, even though my laptop was connected to the internet. I don't remember having the update problem last time I tried it.

I ran a quick scan (with outdated signatures obviously) and it was taking a while so I stopped it at 60%. Nothing was detected.

Sniper Antivirus is typical of these new and unknown antiviruses which use their own signatures. It has a very basic user interface and what's sure to be terrible detection rates. It's quite funny that the under the title "News Updates" at the bottom its program window it has a link to the Sniper website titled "Sniper - The best new antivirus security solution for your PC."
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I've never tested it, but from the looks and content then seems nearly to a quesrionnable product.

The features are indeed basic and does not contain any jampacked components like BB or HIPS.

Plus most rogue and fake AV have testimonials from unknown users claimed of positive feedback.
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