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JM Safe

Level 38
Social Networks AdBlock is an extension, avalaible for Mozilla Firefox and Chrome, which is able to block annoying ads during browsing our social networks.

Original Description:

If you are an active user of such social network as Facebook you know what ads is. When you scrolling your news feed, when you watching photos you always have to be distracted by ads. It’s very annoying, so we have a good decision of this problem. Download Facebook AdBlock and check the result.

Facebook AdBlock features:
- Does not require any additional settings;
- Blocks all ads and does not add own ads;
- Easy to Install, use and delete.

Blocking ads never been so easy. Do not waste your time scrolling miles of useless and annoying information. Install the adblock for Facebook and forget about ads in one click!

We are waiting for your feedback here
Download for Chrome: Social Networks AdBlock

Download for Firefox: Social Networks AdBlock

Thanks for reading! ;)

DJ Panda

Level 29
I am not a fan of adblockers but out of curiosity why is this of importance? Regular adblock, adblock plus, ublock, or adguard can easily block these. Thanks for the report though. :)
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