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The Sodinokibi Ransomware has been spotted being distributed through malvertising that redirects to the RIG exploit kit. With the use of exploit kits, Sodinokibi is now using a wide stream of vectors to infect victims with the ransomware.

Last week we covered how Sodinokibi was quickly filling the vacuum left behind when GandCrab shut down by distributing through spam, server exploits, hacking sites to replace legitimate software with the ransomware, and by hacking into MSP backends.
Last night, exploit kit researcher nao_sec discovered that Sodinokibi, also known as REvil, is now being distributed through malvertising that leads to the RIG exploit kit.

Nao_sec told BleepingComputer that that was done through advertisements on the PopCash ad network that redirected users to the exploit kit based on certain conditions. Nao_sec was able to demonstrate how the exploit kit infected a Windows machine through this session, which is shown below.
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