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If you are too impatient to participate in the upcoming MT Christmas Giveaway of Nova PDF Professional or you believe that your witty comment will give you a better shot at winning, you can try your luck in this week's Softpedia Giveaway:

It is not too difficult to turn documents or images into PDF files these days. There are plenty of tools to achieve this, many of which free of charge. novaPDF Professional does not come free of charge, but offers plenty of options for the money.

The application is priced $49.95 (€40.18), but if you come up with a smart post in the comments section below this article, you can grab one of the 20 free licenses we’re laying on the line. Creativity and originality are highly appreciated, but you can also adopt a jocose tone.

novaPDF Professional (reviewed here) is actually a virtual printer designed to save any printable file type (documents and images) in PDF format. It comes with an elaborate set of features that comprises the possibility to secure the resulting file with a password.

Moreover, it can be used to merge PDF files, add content as background or foreground or watermark your documents. Digital signatures are also supported, to allow you to certify the authenticity of the document.

Personalization of the resulting PDF file is also on the list of features. This permits you to offer additional information about who created the document, set keywords, define the default page layout or scaling when printed. You can use multiple settings profiles, which come in handy if you change settings depending on the document you want to process.
Your chances to win one of the 20 free codes are only as good as your comment. So make your remarks as honest and witty as possible.

You have a week to post your message, until Friday, so that you can also test the program and form a pertinent opinion of it. Don't forget that we need a valid contact email address.

For a full list of the software featured in our giveaway campaign you can check this article on a weekly basis, keep an eye on the weekly giveaway tag or receive the info by following the Softpedia Giveaway Twitter account.
We urge you not to double post and, most importantly, be original because pasting from different sources on the Internet will get you kicked from the giveaway campaign.
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