Q&A [Solved] KIS 2018's broken firewall - blocking allowed programs

Discussion in 'Kaspersky' started by Evjl's Rain, Dec 26, 2017.

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    hi, I want to report my finding with KIS 2018's firewall

    1/ I want to lockdown my browser (slimjet) so I set up some rules for it
    - these are some screenshots
    - 1st rule and 4th rule. The 2nd and the 3rd don't affect the result
    - I enabled "log events" to diagnose the problem
    1.PNG 2.PNG 3.PNG

    2/ I use Acestream to watch livestreams. I get links from slimjet and after clicking the links, acestream will be automatically triggered and play. I don't touch the default firewall rule of acestream. Even if I make a rule to allow all the connections, it will still get blocked

    3/ when I click on an acestream link somewhere on the internet, acestream cannot be played. I receive tons of block messages from kaspersky's firewall log

    4/ Solution:
    - delete the 4th rule "Block all others"

    - KIS firewall rule of 1 program can affect another program if they have a connection with each other (open a link from your browser and the browser opens another program). Although the second program is allowed to do everything but the rule from the first program can still block it
    - In my case, I think KIS treated acestream as a child process of slimjet
    - I consider it a bug

    EDIT: NEW SOLUTION - definite solution
    - Tick "Do not inherit restrictions from the (application’s) parent process" in Acestream
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    The behavior is expected behavior. It is not a bug. KIS uses the concept of inheritance where a parent passes its restrictions onto any child processes - even when the user wants the child process to be fully allowed without any restriction whatsoever. A lot of people consider the default (inheritance) unexpected\unwanted behavior. If you report it as a bug, Kaspersky will reply "expected\desired behavior" and disregard your report.

    Inheritance causes a lot of angst.

    Ask @harlan4096

    You solved it using the "Do not inherit" optional setting.
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    I just already saw this thread yesterday night before going to bed, and the solution found by @Evjl's Rain was just the proposal I was going to give this morning :)

    In KIS/KTS FireWall and Application Control are intimately connected, that We almost may say are the same module...
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