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Sony Announces the Development of a Compact, Lightweight Single-Lens Display Module with OLED Technology That Enables Superior Image Quality - Continue Reading
- When attached, turns eyewear into a smart device capable of displaying visual information -

"With this module, Sony has achieved a compactness of size and a lightness of weight that make it possible to attach the module to a piece of eyewear. It accomplished this by equipping the device with a High-Resolution Color OLED Microdisplay, a Micro-Optical Unit that brings out the full potential of the display's high image quality, and a miniaturized control board with arithmetic processing capabilities on par with smartphones that was made possible by high-density packaging technology."

Single-Lens Display Module (experimental)
(Left side of image: Display arm; Right side of image: Secondary arm incorporating the battery, etc.)

(Top) Sample field of vision;
(Bottom) Module attached to eyewear piece


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you can use it only when you want to, and you have the option to store it away if it does not suit the occasion By making the product available to such a wide range of outlets is easily attachable/detachable, you can use it only when you want to
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