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Sony Interactive Entertainment (Sony) has filed a lawsuit against a California man for selling jailbroken PS4 console filled with pirated games. The man, who is accused of copyright infringement and circumventing the PS4's technological protection measures, allegedly encouraged people to "Stop Buying Games."
Since its official launch in 2013, the PlayStation 4 (PS4) remained piracy-free for a long time, but last year things started to shift.

Following the release of a new jailbreak version a few months ago, things took a turn for the worse for Sony. This allowed the masses to tinker with their PS4 consoles which only increased the piracy troubles.

While it will be hard for Sony to put the genie back in the bottle, the Japanese company has decided to take a stand. In a new case filed at a federal court in California, Sony details its complaint against a local resident who allegedly offered for sale jailbroken PS4s filled with pirated games.
According to Sony, defendant Eric Scales was using the handle “Blackcloak13” to sell the jailbroken PS4s preloaded with over 60 pirated games on eBay.

In addition, the game company requests damages for copyright infringement and for violating the DMCA by circumventing the PS4’s technological protection measures.

To our knowledge, this is the first jailbroken PS4 lawsuit, and it’s likely that Sony wants to set a clear example. With several first-party PS4 games being mentioned in the lawsuit, the potential damages run to hundreds of thousands of dollars.


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Wonder how ling this guy was doing this for. Plus eBay is a stupid idea to use in the first place, which is no wonder why the individual got caught in the first place. Plus with eBay you have to give a certain level of personal information too.