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Deep Learning File Analysis and On-Demand Access to SophosLabs Intelligence Database
Today announced that it has added Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) to its Intercept X endpoint protection portfolio. Intercept X Advanced with EDR powered by deep learning technology delivers faster, more extensive malware discovery and is available today through a global early access program. Sophos’ deep learning neural network is trained on hundreds of millions of samples to look for suspicious attributes of malicious code to detect never-before-seen threats. It provides broad, expert analysis of potential attacks by comparing the DNA of suspicious files against the malware samples already categorized in SophosLabs.

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Is Sophos Home doing well lately? Thinking in switching from Kaspersky.
Don't switch from Kaspersky, at least for now. Use Kaspersky Free or Kaspersky Security Cloud Free (I prefer KSCF over Free because settings can be customized). Sophos Home Free is not even worth to replace Windows Defender, Sophos Home Premium is ok together vith integrated Hitman.Pro Alert, just needs more updates to be more effective vs todays threat landscape. No self protection, no Machine Learning, not full Intercept X, no local quarantine, etc.. yet.
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