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I was wondering what the resource usage is in Sophos Home free because it looks like quite a good Antivirus especially since it has AI and Machine learning detections. I am looking to replace Zemana Anti Malware 3 because I am a bit disappointed in the company they have not been replying to my support requests and development speed is very slow to none.

When I used the Beta about a year ago, it had very high disk usage so I am wondering what it is like now. If it is high I wonder if there are any other light alternatives like Kaspersky Cloud Free, Avira free?


Level 41
Tried Sophos Home trial recently and it slowed my machine, which is what some others have also reported. OTOH some say it quiets down after a couple of days. I didn't wait.

Wise Vector StopX is light and powerful but no web filter. Active development with new version coming soon.


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Does anyone know if they incorporated hitman pro's engine in the free version? or are they still only offering it in the paid?
I tried sophos home premium (30 day free trial) yesterday and yes, hitman pro alert was running in the background. Not sure if it's still avaialble in the free version.Went back to my old config as sophos slowed down my computer, especially web browsing. Too bad....


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Resource so "them" high on macOS(latest update), I have tested 1 month ago...but very good web protection, good self defense, very good business product with the pre-breach forensic intelligence(from Invincea - also I don't think this feature you will see in home user products) and many others features.