Q&A Sophos Home Premium - Is it still worth it?


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Jul 27, 2015
Good question and I wonder pretty much the same.

Was a little more then a year since it's last test in the Hub and it got a pretty good debate/discussion then.


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Aug 21, 2018
Tested it couple of months ago. It's good, very good, especially it's AI based detection. I dunno how effective it's for malware removal.
It causes a lot slow down when surfing the net and overall system "snappines" is like in some TV's "soap opera" effect. Delays.
But when my trial ended, and its integrated "hitman pro" component was disabled, Sophos was quite fast. PCMARK 10 results went about 300 points higher and i noticed that instantly. Basically, its a browser managed AV, which i dont like.

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May 29, 2018
Very good against PUA/PUP, the phishing filter sucks though...so you may want to add browser extension against phishing

Whitelisting legit applications is bit slow throught dashboard, and for family filtering adguard dns does better.....

Memory usage is pretty high compared to other antivirus software, but it did not really slow down me at all

Sophos is reputable company, they have good technical support and of course their signatures are the thing i would choose them. I have only used free version where you could turn download protection from default to strict, and enable tamper protection against malware turning the av off

I moved on from sophos due its haird to pair with comodo firewall and some free antiviruses just offer more for me, also there are some browsers that wont work with the web filter
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