Sophos Home: Windows version update 3.3.0


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Apr 1, 2019

It does and they work, however it felt to me like it's all just hype and big wording. When I tested it, I managed to trigger these features, but Avast detected the exploit attempts, etc. just with the static scanner and IDP.
So overall I wasn't wowed with the results and I feel people can do better than Sophos.
What are your top alternatives? And before you speak be warned it may cause mass migrations...

ForgottenSeer 89360

For a paid product, this is AVG. It offers better UX than Avast and solid protection (tested heavily). Users can dive into the privacy settings to turn off all sorts of data collection. It's easy to use and receives frequent updates/enhancements. It also doesn't need you to use password manager, you can use the browser built-in one, whilst it manages apps access to the saved credentials. This is my favourite feature.

Free alternative would be Kaspersky Security Cloud. It sits on top together with AVG and has no ads.


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May 9, 2019
I have to say that since using Sophos I feel like websites are loading slower and the hardening tools from Andy are starting much slower too. Otherwise no big performance impact on my system.

I remember it had a frame around the browser to indicate that. Is there a setting to enable it or is it gone completely? :confused:
The frame is indeed gone. I don't see an option to enable it.


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Feb 25, 2017
So far the only differnce I see is a new module called "Dynamic Shellcode-Protection". The patchnotes are sometimes a little delayed.