Sophos recommends its SATC Users to switch from Chrome to Firefox


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Nov 10, 2017
Security company Sophos recommends customers using the Sophos Authentication for Thin Clients, or SATC, to delay the update to the latest version of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge due to authentication issues.

In a tech support document published earlier this month and spotted by Gunther Born, Sophos says that the problem can be encountered with any browser that is based on Chromium, so the company recommends users to either stick with the previous version or just switch to Firefox.

“Sophos recommends that customers do not update to version 84 of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge at this time. Sophos also recommends that customers consider using Firefox as an alternative, as it will still function correctly with the SATC agent,” the security vendor says, adding that a replacement for the current agent is already in the works, and it’s projected to go live later this year.


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Mar 16, 2019
This is also a good example of the importance of having browsers with more than one engine. If everything were based on Chromium then there would've been no alternatives. It's a good thing that Firefox is still moving forward with their own engine.