Level 9
Welcome to this new Avira project,
Most likely, the most exciting test opportunity we’ve launched in a while! The new Avira app is all you need to be safe, private and fast in today’s digitally connected world. It lets you scan your complete system for security, privacy and performance issues in one click. Not only this, now you can access and enable all Avira services from one single place.
Our main goal was to create an app that fits your needs. We would love to hear your feedback on:
  • Introduced Smart Scan - The one click, fast scan to check your system for all security, privacy and performance issues.
  • New application navigation, it aims to provide an easy access to all Avira services.
  • New dark theme.
  • Contextual notifications based on your real-time activity to help you achieve more with your Avira app.
Please note: This first version is available only in English and German.
We look forward to welcoming you on board!
Your Avira Beta Team

Spotlight Alpha