Update SpyShelter 10.9.3 has been released

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    SpyShelter 10.9.3 is now available.

    This version provides plenty of security improvements, such as updated database of auto-accepted signatures, Keystroke Encryption security enhancements, improved sound and webcam protection and more minor improvements.

    We have also added the option to disable the Windows 10 notification sound when SpyShelter tooltip shows up (just the sound, notification will still show up). You can change this option in Settings>Advanced


    SpyShelter now also allows you to Export and Import your Keystroke Encryption rules


    SpyShelter 10.9.3 Changelog (10/July/2017):

    – Fixed security issue in KE encryption driver
    – Improved sound and webcam protection
    – Added new option to disable system sounds for notifications
    – Added feature to import/export processes to Keystroke encryption feature
    – Autoaccepted signatures database update
    – Minor Fixes

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