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SpyShelter 9.2

New SpyShelter version brings a couple of new advanced functions as well as many other improvements, which will increase SpyShelter’s performance and stability.

Biggest improvement since SpyShelter 9.1 is the possibility of creating customized rules. We have put a lot of work into it, and we hope that you are going to enjoy this fully customizable rule creator, which also allows to edit existing rules.

Furthermore, in this release SpyShelter Firewall has received some major updates.
SpyShelter Firewall 9.2 features brand new custom network rule creator, which will allow you to filter out connections from specific IP’s and ports.

Another new feature which you will surely like is Network Activity Tracker. It displays every application that is currently communicating with the Web, data sent, received, and also shows servers addresses!

Update your SpyShelter now and discover new features!

- Adjusted version number of SpyShelter Firewall to fit other SpyShelter products
- Added new feature: Custom rules creator
- Added new feature: Rules editor
- [Firewall only] Custom firewall network rules control implemented
- [Firewall only] Added “Network activity” under Firewall tab
- Fixed bug that caused delayed taskbar response
- Fixed Virtual keyboard launcher problem
- Improved keystroke encryption compatibility
- General compatibility and stability improvements
- Several minor fixes
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Is it really that hard to go to the mentioned download page and check it yourself?

Yes, It actually "is that hard" for me to visit a page that doesn't even load and with slow internet you can't do anything.


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@Fantasy Try this direct download, or use a VPN to access the site.


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September 19, 2014... I don't think it was 9.2... someones got something wrong here...
EDIT: my bad, just saw changelog... I got muddled up because the app couldn't update.

In SSP 9.5, unticking "check for update at application start" has no effect. SSP still checks for updates on bootup...
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