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Jan 24, 2011
spyshelterlogo.png Discounts: SpyShelter Premium -40% OFF (Now Only $20)

MalwareTips with SpyShelter are proud to give you a 40% OFF discount for SpyShelter Premium.
Regular Price: $33.82
Price with MalwareTips Discount: $20
You Save: - 40% ($13.82)

What is SpyShelter Premium ?

Perhaps the most dangerous, most insidious, and deadliest kind of malware infection, keylogger programs sneak into your system and lie in wait. Then, every time you access a secured website, the keylogger captures your login and password information. Every chat conversation that you have? Not safe! Every purchase that you make online? That keylogger has your credit card number. It just sits in your computer, getting fatter and fatter as it absorbs your information. Then, one day, it transmits that info to a hacker, and your entire life is compromised. You need protection from keyloggers! You need Spyshelter Premium!

Spyshelter Premium is your ultimate defense from keylogger programs! With Spyshelter Premium, you'll be guarded against any keylogger or trojan attempts to capture your private data, with a proactive scanning process that will not slow down your computer. In fact,Spyshelter Premium keeps a watchful eye over your Windows registry, physical memory, and other sensitive processes to guarantee that malicious code can't get in!

So, Spyshelter Premium protects your passwords, credit card info, and anything else you type into your computer. But did you also know that hackers can take control of your webcam and microphone, too? Well,Spyshelter Premium knows, which is why you're protected against that form of invasion, as well! It even monitors screen captures to make sure you're not inadvertently sending out bank and credit card info!

After you purchase SpyShelter Premium, it may be used for 12 months.

From where can I buy SpyShelter Premium with the 40% off discount?

You can buy SpyShelter Premium with the 40% off using the below link:

BUY SPYSHELTER PREMIUM WITH 40% OFF (This link will open a new webpage from where you can buy SpyShelter Premium -40%)

Tip: Before you buy SpyShelter, you can try it for free without registration for 14 days!
Click here to go to the SpyShelter Download Page

This promo will be available through all of September 2014.


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Sep 16, 2014
Awesome!! My 1 year license was about to expire! :)

Hello , can you use it with an AV suite?

Yes, it works with AVs as long as you don't use HIPS in AV. Even if you do I would recommend turning it off since SpyShelter's hips is far superior to any other I have ever tested. Promo says it works through all of September 2014, so take your time to test the trial. Personally I would recommend SpyShelter to anyone who has any idea about how software works.
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