Battle SpyShelter premium vs. KeyScrambler premium

Software comparison
SpyShelter premium vs. KeyScrambler premium
Feature comparison
  1. Impact on hardware performance
  2. Internet protection (web filtering, anti-phishing, anti-spam, browser extension)
  3. Proactive protection (anti-exploit, behavior blocker, IDS-HIPS, sandbox)
  4. Banking and payments protection


Level 2
Dec 26, 2016
Hi friends I have keyscrambler premium and spyshelter premium lifetime licenses. which program do you think is better quality ? Which one should I use ?
can spyshelter and zemana antiloger be used together ?

Modules that matter to me : real time keystroke protection and financial malware protection
I would be glad if you rate it accordingly
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Level 85
Content Creator
Jul 3, 2015
SpyShelter doesn't block, it notifies. It is always up to the user to approve or block, when an alert pops up. And there are lots of alerts. Thus, it is only effective protection for dedicated and advanced users. Keyscrambler is set-and-forget protection.


Level 11
Nov 8, 2016
I don't know about KeyScrambler premium, but i used SS for a while and found some minor bugs. Furthermore, it's not compatible with Core Isolation and doesn't work properly with Multi accounts. So, for now, i would not use it.
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