Level 1
I'd prefer it be stand-alone from an Anti-Virus.

I use Thor Premium and Malware scanners as needed, I don't download anything I can't personally analyze but regardless s**** happens I'd prefer my keystrokes all be encrypted stand alone.

I knew along time ago about Key Scrambler not sure if it's still used today or updated or if there is a better product available.


Level 18
Please check here. It is 2019 but I have not read where HitmanPro.Alert has ended its expired-trial (free) feature of Keystroke Encryption. Another post which supports this:

If you have an account at Wilders Security, ask the liaison RonnyT whether HitmanPro.Alert's Keystoke Encryption can be stand-alone freeware.


Level 2

New product of Spyshelter. Or check out Ghostpress 2.0:



Level 5
I have used Ghostpress anti-keylogger some time, and it seem to be pretty good. So far it seem to be working well.