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I recently got hijacked on my pc. Almost all of my files were encrypted, and was told to pay money to get them back. I downloaded the free version of software that helped. But all my files are still encrypted, and I'm very unsure of my pc security. I keep getting messages that Trojans are identified and quarantined, as well as getting messages of outgoing malicious websites. I'm not a big pc user, but need my network to be safe.



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Hi there @Rayzrbk,

Before I say anything further, I would like you to know that I did take a look at your FRST.txt and Addition.txt logs, and there does need some cleaning done.

Sadly, there are rules. If I made you a fixlist.txt, I would be in big trouble with the admins on this website (but I would love to make one for you). Therefore, if you wish to get a fixlist.txt, please head over to the MRA here, where you can post a new topic with your logs there:

Cheers. ;)
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