Starting 2022, Google Play Android apps have to reveal data collecting and sharing information


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Apr 24, 2016
All Android applications that are available on Google Play will soon have to provide information on its data collecting, sharing and other privacy information.

Google VP Suzanne Frey announced the plan today on the Android Developers blog of the company:
Today, we’re pre-announcing an upcoming safety section in Google Play that will help people understand the data an app collects or shares, if that data is secured, and additional details that impact privacy and security.
Google follows Apple's lead, as Apple introduced the requirement for developers already on the company's App store.

All applications on Google Play will have to provide the information, including Google's own apps hosted on Google Play. Applications have to reveal the type of data that is collected, e.g. personal information, photos & videos, audio files, storage files, location information or contacts, and how it is used, e.g. for personalization or functionality.

Google plans to introduce new elements to highlight additional important information. The company listed the following examples in the blog post:
  • Whether an app has security practices, e.g. data encryption.
  • Whether an app follows Families policy.
  • Whether the requested data is needed or if users have choice in sharing it.
  • Whether the safety section is verified by a third-party.
  • Whether the app supports requests for data deletion on uninstall.