State-sponsored hackers abuse Slack API to steal airline data


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Aug 17, 2014
A suspected Iranian state-supported threat actor is deploying a newly discovered backdoor named 'Aclip' that abuses the Slack API for covert communications.
The threat actor's activity started in 2019 and targeted an unnamed Asian airline to steal flight reservation data.
According to a report by IBM Security X-Force, the threat actor is likely ITG17, aka 'MuddyWater,' a very active hacking group that maintains a targets organizations worldwide.
Slack issued the following public statement in response:
"As detailed in this post, IBM X-Force has discovered and is actively tracking a third party that is attempting to use targeted malware leveraging free workspaces in Slack. As part of the X-Force investigation, we were made aware of free workspaces being used in this manner.
We investigated and immediately shut down the reported Slack Workspaces as a violation of our terms of service. We confirmed that Slack was not compromised in any way as part of this incident, and no Slack customer data was exposed or at risk. We are committed to preventing the misuse of our platform, and we take action against anyone who violates our terms of service.
Slack encourages people to be vigilant and to review and enforce basic security measures, including the use of two-factor authentication, ensuring that their computer software and anti-virus software is up to date, creating new and unique passwords for every service they use, and exercising caution when interacting with people they don't know." - Slack.