Level 30
Feb 4, 2016
Operating System
Windows 8.1
It's the holiday season, and that means the Steam Winter Sale is here. From now until January 4th at 1PM EST, you can get great discounts on both games and hardware at the Steam Store.

Some of the particularly good deals include:

On hardware side, you can get discounts up to 90% on Steam hardware.

Along with the Winter Sale, is also the yearly Steam Awards where members can vote on their favorite games under various categories. Today's category is "Choices Matter" and allows you to vote on the game that gives you the most choices to meet a goal.

The nominees for this award are Witcher 3, Dishonored, Divinity Original Sin II, The Walking Dead, or Life Is Strange. Future awards have titles that include interesting ones like "Mom’s Spaghetti", "Haunts My Dreams", and "Whoooaaaaaaa, Dude! 2.0".