A vpn masks your ip and encrypts your internet traffic. Meaning no one can see your internet traffic. You can also bypass geo restrictions by choosing what country you want to appear in. It can also be used to protect you from ddos. Another useful feature is it allows you to use unsecure wifi securely because it encrypts your traffic from your device to the server. Meaning anyone trying to see your traffic will just see encrypted stuff. You can also enable a firewall on your vpn stopping threats before it even gets to you. (purevpn offers this).


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Yes , 2 GB per month !
That is not much use to your average VPN user .

There are better free services IMO
Try VPNGate or Security KISS , although I make no claims about leakiness ....


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I agree that 2GB per month is too little. However it can sometimes help.

Thank you. By the way I'm also testing PureVPN and is the best VPN (in my opinion)