Level 1
Steganos Online Shield VPN

1. Go to the software home page: Steganos Online Shield VPN - Steganos – Privacy Software made easy
2. Download Steganos Online Shield VPN (free trial)
3. Install on Your PC
4. Go to the promo link: Steganos Software GmbH

5. Enter your e-mail address
6. Use the serial number you get to activate the software

1. License for 365 days
2. You receive 5000 MB of free VPN protection per month for one year
3. No free technical support
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Level 1
I used both, Steganos Online Shield and Wind Scribe. They're both good and work just great. but WIndScribe (The 50GB offer) is way too limited when it comes to the locations you can choose from, unlike Steganos that gives you more choices :)

Vlad The Hedgefox

Level 5
I object to use this software. 2GB even on premium version is too less like on Paid program. Paid Version should have unlimited or 60GB. Worst program ever.