Level 6
Steganos Privacy Suite 17 - lifetime license

Homepage: Steganos Privacy Suite 18 - Steganos – Privacy Software made easy

Instructions and terms:

1. Go to the promo link
2. Enter e-mail and click "Request Serialnumber"
3. Attention! Uncheck the "I would like to receive the Steganos Newsletter in the future", if you want to unsubscribe from the news from Steganos.
4. License (Seriennummer) will come to the given email address.
5. Download Steganos Privacy Suite 17
6. Install the program and activate a license by selecting "I have a serial number" on the first run.


Level 7
thanks a lot for this give away! Just downloaded this software. Steganos seems to be a quite good
software developer (but i'm not sure...). Can anyone of you guys recommend this product ?
I have tested similar products in the past and I haven't been impressed.
They basically provide a GUI which then changes the folder attributes and permissions ( including making it "hidden " )

They succeed in hiding protected folders from a Windows user , but if you boot the machine into Linux
from a USB stick , it is very easy to find those folders on the HDD ( usually the C drive ) .

I'm hoping this one will be a step forward because it can use steganography to conceal the hidden folder
in a picture , music file , video file .... whatever.

I will update here when I have done some testing .