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Sticky Password Premium

Stop forgetting passwords, and login automatically!
Saves time every day

Instead of dozens of passwords, remember just one.
Everything else is automatically filled in by
the password manager.

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Best Password Manager, Free Form Filler, Secure Digital Wallet | Sticky Password

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Dnešní dárek od Chipu: získejte zdarma roční licenci na Sticky Password Premium

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To activate the license just download the application and install it.
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Raka Daku

Sticky password is throwing license like zemana is doing.
I don't think stick password is providing enough security.

Thanks for sharing
Yep, they do good number of giveaways, but most of their giveaways are for new users only i.e license cannot be applied to an existing account.

Long time Sticky user.. security is good.


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i'm using Roboform Pro v7 right now, what interest me with sticky password is ability to sync password via wifi network while the cloud sync can be set to disabled for better security..

Edit: going to try and might switch to sticky password,. thanks Raka.. i'm good with 1 year license :)
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Serious Noize

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I used to absolutely LOVE using Sticky Password!

Never purchased it, and seemed to always get that last minute FREE license.

Recently though, I have noticed my PC having lags and such things, so I removed it and moved on to a simple password manager that only works when I add things to it. I don't like the idea of something adding a browser plugin to save my passwords and being ON DEMAND everytime I use my browser. That's just not a good idea at all IN MY OPINION. Take a second and think about it and you may feel the same. This software is clean/Nothing to worry about THAT I KNOW OF but think about it being active when using your browser. And even if you don't use the browser plugin : What about the fact that it is active as a service?

For me, like I said I used to love using this software, but my opinion has changed, and I would suggest for anyone using ANY PASSWORD MANAGER especially any that have SERVICES added to your PC that you PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

Good day!


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Great catch @maximus !

@LoLs I use to use Roboform for a long time as well! I just recently made the swithcover to Sticky Pasword Premium myself through a lifetime licence that I purchased not long ago. I like the added features that Sticky Password Premium has over Roboform.
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I do not like this software! This was my first password manager, years ago, and it was incredibly slow! I have hundreds of entries in my database, this software CRAWLED through them. Typing in each letter would take a few seconds. They released an update that made it a little better but it still sucked.

Then I switched to Keepass, which is 100% free and open source, and everything was instant. With the keefox addon for firefox it made browsing and saving and generating passwords a breeze. I don't understand why someone would pay for Stickypass when Keepass is free and open source and a superior software with cross platform and cross browser integration and various third party compatible softwares.
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