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Sticky Password is one of the most popular platform independent password manager available. It supports all major platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android. The password manager also supports BlackBerry OS10, Amazon Kindle Fire, Nokia X too.
Sticky Password is no-doubt a powerful password manager but it is more than just the regular. In addition to securely storing all passwords, it has an automatic form filler, it keeps important memo and information securely, and saves all browser bookmarks. Everything is encrypted to protect data from prying eyes. Once usernames and their related passwords are saved in the password manager, it lets you save time by automatically filling the data in websites and apps login pages.

  1. Visit the promo page and insert the e-mail address in the box and press the button "Get my License".
  2. Your free serial key will be displayed immediately and it will be sent to your e-mail address.
  3. Download Sticky Password Premium 8 from HERE
  4. Enter the free license key that you received to your e-mail address and activate the program!


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Normally we do not allow **** giveaways to be posted here however this is a Sticky Password landing page which takes you to an Official Sticky Password landing page which requires one email to receive a license.This is only in conjunction with SOS and not an SOS page so it will therefore be allowed.

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Sticky Password is nice. I tried many other password managers and by far that was one of the best ones. However I am not convinced to this type of software.
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