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Sticky Password Premium - Access Restriction Software - 100%

Today's promotion includes the following:
Sticky Password Premium for Windows - 1 User 1 Year License v8.0.8.116 ($0)
Sticky Password Premium for Windows - Lifetime License v8.0.8.116 ($44.99)


Sticky Password Premium lets you log in and check out of any website in just five seconds, automatically completing logins and forms instantly. With Sticky Password Premium, you’ll be able to enter your information into this innovative password manager once, then have it recalled just like that whenever you visit the website in question. Not only is this extremely convenient when you know the login information for each site, it’s a lifesaver for those of us who frequently forget the passwords to our email, social network, shopping, banking, school, and community group accounts. All you need to remember is the Sticky Password Premium single master password, and you’re set.

Platforms: Windows Vista,Windows 7, Windows 8 (Desktop mode only), Windows 10, Mac, Android, iOS

* 8 Hours left on the promo