Stop: Domain name scam from chinanameregistry


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Apr 24, 2016
I'll add this topic here in the blog, maybe some potential victim soul will read this before the money flows. For years I have been receiving emails from a Chinese organization named chinanameregistry. They write, a company is trying to register my domain borncity in China and would like me to contact them if I have business connections there. The whole thing is a domain name scam and has only one purpose: to rip off gullible domain owners.
It's all a scam

So far I have deleted the mails – I seem to remember that I wrote back once that I don't care what they do with borncity in China and was rather wondering how they pronounce the R in this name. When the above mail arrived in my inbox again, I spontaneously tried a short search for chinanameregistry and found it.

In this article, someone warns companies against this fraudulent approach. The goal of these mails is to grab a domain registration from the victim at an increased price. The scam has been running for many years, there is even an entry Domain name scams in the English Wikipedia.

But somehow the scammers still seem to be successful, otherwise the mails would not exist. One should ignore the mails and also not answer. To protect your business interests, you can register your domain name with a local registrar for different top-level domains (.de, .at, .ch, .eu, .org, .com).