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There is no such thing as non-signature AV; AV by principle are signature-based.

Katana is more like a Behavior Blocker labelled as "antivirus" by their marketing staff so the Average Joe can identify what kind of software it is.


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If you are saying no need to download signatures then can consider Deep Armor, Cylance Protect, Immunet (free), Webroot SecureAnywhere etc.The first 2 don't require signatures for they are AI-based. The last 2 store the signatures in the cloud
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Please suggest some non-signature based Anti-virus like Dr.Web Katana (behavior based) both paid and free
Sounds like you would enjoy my setup, as i too prefer no real-time traditional antivirus.

Sandboxie + VoodooShield has you covered.
Sandboxie + NVT Exe Radar Pro
Sandboxie+ NVT OsArmor (I think Sandboxie+Exe Radar Pro + OSArmor is personally a bit too much, but you could do that too)
Sandboxie + SecureAPlus (uses cloud signatures from multi av, but its essentially an anti-exe such as VoodooShield/Exe Radar pro)

You can add as many on-demand scanners as you like too such as HitmanPro/Emsisoft Emergency Kit/Norton Power Eraser/MalwareBytes/Dr.Web Cure It etc.