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My studio is not completely dark. Of course i have some lights on, but i can adjust how much light i need. Too much light or too much darkness is always bad for my eyes.Also a medium light in my studio is keeping me calm and focused to what i am doing.
I have already tried your suggestion but it didn't work .My eyes were red (like my avatar) after a few hours.
And believe me i work minimum 10 hours per day, since 2003.

Anyway i was thinking an alternative to Emsisoft ( with black theme option) , Ashampoo.
Is it possible if someone is using it to show me how the pop ups and all warnings looks like with dark theme enabled?

Thank you all in advance.......
Ohhh dang... I see what you mean about the eye hurting... I started using Visual Studio "dark" skin a few weeks ago as I preferred it even when Chrome was light themed and I had lights on, and now I change back to light theme I feel like im dying even though I used to be fine with it.. Oh wow... My eyes are stinging so bad :'(